Old Reads

By: Naomi Novik

This sinister, subversive retelling of several well-known fairy-tales. The story is told from many different points of view, but focuses on the stories of Irina, Wanda, and Miryem. Three women whose lives become so intertwined and ultimately dependent on each other. It is the story of perseverance and the power of wit and womanhood.

This is dark and yet maintains a fairy-tale mentality of everything working out in the end. Magic is so subtly intertwined into this world that it truly feels as though it might be nothing more than an illusion.

This book was a wonderful and yet challenging adventure.

By: Scott Snyder

Illustrated By: Jock

This comic was endorsed by Stephen King, therefore I HAD to pick it up. The illustrations alone make this graphic novel worth it. Jock's use of color to depict feeling and help the reader follow the many time hops are brilliant.

Snyder uses this dark, mystical concept to speak on anxiety, bullying and the struggles of parenting.

To hear more on this check out our episode. Spoilers ahead: